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These Fishermen Team up with Dolphins to Catch Fish [VIDEO]

In the Brazilian city of Laguna, fishermen and dolphins work together  to catch fish.

For several years, Laguna fisherman have sought the help of local bottle nose dolphins to catch mullet in the murky coastal waters.

Remarkably, the dolphins herd schools of mullet towards the shore where the fishermen wait with their nets. When the fish get within netting range, the dolphins alert the fishermen with a distinct dive.

You might be wondering what the dolphins stand to gain from this. Apparently, the fishermen’s nets cause the mullet to break their formation, which makes them easier for the dolphins to individually catch.

This clip from the BBC program Human Planet explores the incredible partnership between man and dolphin.

More videos of amazing dolphin behavior:

The unique relationship between these fishermen and dolphins is a testament to the incredible intelligence of the ocean mammals.

What do you think about this incredible partnership? Share your thoughts in the comments section. 


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These Fishermen Team up with Dolphins to Catch Fish [VIDEO]