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Fisherman in the UK Catches a GoPro with the Footage Still Intact

A fisherman in the UK landed a GoPro and the video he found inside caught the demise of the camera... and something else.

When Daniel Rose went fishing with friends and family near Poole in the United Kingdom he didn't expect to catch a viral video.

What he found was a GoPro camera that had been lost for some time on the ocean floor near the pier. While the camera itself had long since succumbed to the saltwater, the SD card inside was still functional.

Just in case you were wondering, this is what he found on the camera:

It seems that the GoPro camera had remained operational for about thirty minutes after taking the plunge. In that time it settled in, dealt with the changing tide, and kept one friendly crab company for a short time.

Once Rose posted the video to You Tube, it went viral. Soon after a woman named Rachel Simkin came forward and claimed to be the girl wearing the wetsuit in the original video.

Now that the video has been given new life, the previous owner has been found and even the camera has been repaired!

Congratulations to Mr. Rose and friends along with big thanks to them for sharing an amazing video! Now maybe the makers of the famous camera system might treat him to a free camera.

Stay tuned!


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Fisherman in the UK Catches a GoPro with the Footage Still Intact