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Fisherman Clings to Cooler for 10 Days at Sea [VIDEO]

Sometimes, when the worst happens, as it did to an Acapulco fisherman, all you can do is hang on, and pray for rescue. And, lucky for this guy, rescue came.

Raymundo Rodriguez is a pretty lucky guy. After he and a fishing partner left port on Sept. 14th, despite the port being closed for weather, his fishing boat was swamped off the coast of Acapulco by tropical storm, Polo, taking his fishing partner with it. Rodriguez hopped in a giant foam cooler normally used to keep catches fresh, shoved off, and hoped for the best.

10 days passed at sea. This video from bizitoto *HD* shows what happened.

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It’s reported that Rodriguez survived primarily by eating a seagull he’d caught by hand. When a 42 foot pleasure boat, the U-Fin, captained by Roberto Odis Vasquez, spotted him floating, clutching the cooler in one arm and a seagull carcass in the other, they knew they had to help.

They picked him up six miles off the coast of Acapulco, and although he was suffering from hypothermia when rescued, he has recovered enough at a local hospital to receive visitors.

Rodriguez’s fishing vessel, containing the body of Mario Morales, Rodriguez’s fishing partner, was found swamped not far from the site.

This is a pretty intense survival story. Maybe when your local port authority closes port, you shouldn’t try to go out fishing.

More coverage of the incident is available here, or here.

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Fisherman Clings to Cooler for 10 Days at Sea [VIDEO]