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Fishermen Reel in a Yellowfin Tuna and Get Half of It…Twice [VIDEO]


Some anglers have all the luck. On this trip, these guys were on the other team.

The guys from Spanishflytv were fishing near Crooked Island in the Bahamas, trying to land a nice yellowfin tuna or two. Unfortunately, there are other predators in the ocean with different plans.

Check out the ridiculous video below:

Did you see the bite taken out of that first tuna? Talk about some sharp chompers.

How would you react to that situation? The guys took it pretty well, considering that not one, but two of their tuna catches were half-eaten by a shark. But then again, what else can you possibly do about it at that point?

You never know what’s going to happen while out fishing, and this event just shows you how little control we truly have out on the water.

An unhooked tuna could easily outswim and out-maneuver a shark, but once it’s hooked, it quickly becomes an easy meal.

Luckily, these fishermen eventually caught a whole tuna to bring back to the village so they could share a meal.

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Fishermen Reel in a Yellowfin Tuna and Get Half of It…Twice [VIDEO]