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That One’s Getting Mounted: Fisherman Reels in Deer Rack [PICS]

Fishing Scout

Catch of a lifetime isn’t what you might expect.

A user named walleye72 on the social media platform, Fishing Scout, reeled in something a little different than what he was trying to catch. The post has caught the curious eye of a few and has been shared across other forms of social media.

Fishing Scout is an app designed for fisherman to help others with fishing locations and show off trophies. While fishing for northern pike on the Red River, this fisherman reeled in a whitetail rack that most would only dream of seeing.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 2.39.19 PM

The wonder comes in guessing how the large buck may have ended up at the bottom of the river; whether it was dumped there, shot and expired there, or potentially fell through ice and drown.

Either way, this sad tale for the deer makes for a fantastic story and trophy for this fisherman. Not many can say they’ve brought in a set of antlers while fishing.

What is the most interesting snag you’ve ever seen?

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That One’s Getting Mounted: Fisherman Reels in Deer Rack [PICS]