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Angler Catches Huge Fish Without Fishing Pole [VIDEO]

Check out this video of an angler catching a huge fish from a pier using only a hook, line, sardine and his gloved hands.

In the video the angler throws in his line and hooks the fish in a matter of seconds.

The fish puts up one a good fight as the angler pulls it up to the pier.

Sources differ on whether the fish was an amberjack or a samson. Both are cousins to one another. We believe it was a Samson based on this site’s post, claiming that the footage was taken somewhere in Western Australia where samson can be found.

His fishing skills are impressive considering that samson are notoriously difficult to reel in.

In the end of the video, the angler holds up the huge samson to the camera, and releases the fish back into the deep blue.

Take a look at this rare footage of thousands of bonefish migrating in the Bahamas.

Samson are cousins of amberjack and yellowtail, and can be found throughout the Indo-Pacific region around southern Australia. They have a reputation for giving anglers a good fight when they get hooked.

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Angler Catches Huge Fish Without Fishing Pole [VIDEO]