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This Fisherman is No Fluke…or Maybe All Fluke [VIDEO]

This guy has to be a multitasking pro to catch fluke this way.

John Skinner vertically jigs bucktails from a fishing kayak two miles out on Long Island Sound in 75 feet of water. What could go wrong?

Check out the bonus catch at eight minutes in.

Nothing went wrong, actually.

In fact, Skinner does everything right as he boats fluke after fluke. He never once drops any equipment or falls into the water. He used a 1.5 ounce bucktail jig on a standard baitcasting rig.

When I think of ocean fishing, I think pool-cue-like rods and baits bigger than the fish I normally catch. I also think big boats. This video challenges all my preconceived notions about ocean fishing.

I just need to practice my multitasking skills, so I don’t send any gear overboard!

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This Fisherman is No Fluke…or Maybe All Fluke [VIDEO]