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These Fisherman Weren’t Prepared for a Charging Grizzly Bear

YouTube/Big Grizzly

When you and a charging grizzly bear have your eyes on the same fish, there might be a problem.

With no guns in sight, one brave fisherman turned to the only method of self-defense around–the rocks on shore.

Watch this chilling Alaska fishing video. Would you be the guy throwing rocks at the charging grizzly bear or hope that you can run faster than the slowest guy?

Kudos to the guy that kept that bear at bay! Another good reminder to always carry bear spray or a firearm when fishing in grizzly bear country.

If you’re an avid freshwater angler, then chances are that one of these days your travels are going to take you deep into bear country in search of some of the best remote fishing. In these circumstances it’s important to not only keep bear spray or a firearm close by, but to also travel with a buddy or a group.

.As with most predators, giving the impression that you’re larger than them can help keep a safe distance between you and them and ultimately can help save your life. Always remain alert and stay safe out in the backcountry!



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These Fisherman Weren’t Prepared for a Charging Grizzly Bear