Fisherman Fights Giant 1075 Pound Blue Marlin [VIDEO]

A Danish fisherman reeled in this gigantic blue marlin after a nearly three hour fight.

Off the coast of the North Atlantic Island of the Azores, fisherman Thomas Eldor Petersen hooked an enormous blue marlin. Nearly three hours later the fisherman landed this years largest blue marlin weighing 488 kilos (1075 pounds).

Check out the video from Westin-Fishing and prepare to be impressed, this thing can really jump.

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Fishing aboard the Gypsea Blues, Petersen used a belted rod holder to support the heavy rod of approximately 6-feet length, but he did not use a fighting chair or harness. His mates would periodically pour bottled water into his mouth as he maintained pressure on the line.

The huge blue marlin continuously jumped from the water, often exposing its entire body. Apparently the fish was hooked really good as it was unable to shake the line during this long struggle. The shipmate tried several times to pull the leader with his gloved hands only to have the fish put tension on the line and pull it away from him.

The fisherman said he had no energy left when he finally landed this monster fish. Normally, Mr. Petersen releases the fish he catches, but this one is headed to the taxidermist.

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