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Fisherman Defines “Don’t Try This At Home” with Great White Shark [VIDEO]

A Great White offers a fisherman the close-up of a lifetime.

In 2009, Josh Holmes forced himself upon a great shark while fishing for snapper off the coast of Australia. It that moment, Josh was closer to a Great White than I ever want to be.

While paddling in his kayak, Josh was within feet of the great white. The encounter was filmed using a handheld camera, as well as a stationary camera propped on the kayak. Not only was Josh too close for comfort, but to make it even more terrifying, the fisherman filmed the great white while it was circling around him.

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Unlike most shark footage that is captured from the “comfort” of an actual boat, Josh Holmes filmed this from a kayak. Even Josh realizes that it probably wasn’t the best idea he’s ever had when he first encountered the most deadly predator in the sea, saying “I was foolish enough to paddle up to it.” Regardless, what Josh ended up with is an experience that few people on the planet can match.

Amazingly, Josh was able to continue paddling while filming, and also prepare himself for battle when the shark really got close.

How close is too close? Leave your comments in the comments section below.

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Fisherman Defines “Don’t Try This At Home” with Great White Shark [VIDEO]