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Fisherman Catches 20-Foot-Long Conger Eel [PICS]

All images via Express/UK

Apparently conger eels can get pretty big. 

A British fisherman, off of the coast of Plymouth, caught an eel so big that it is actually taller than a double-decker bus. Weighing in at almost 130 pounds, it may have been a new record for the largest conger eel ever caught, had it not been scooped up in a fishing trawler first.

Scott Govier, was working on his fishing trawler when he noticed the giant eel as he was bringing in his nets. According to the story, he would have released the eel had it been alive, but by the time it had reached the surface, the eel was already dead.


What did Govier do with the giant conger eel after bringing it on the boat? He took it to market.

"Congers aren't worth much these days, but it went for more than I expected," Govier said in an interview. "It was too much of a magnificent specimen to kill, but as he was already dead so it seemed worth bringing him in."

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Fisherman Catches 20-Foot-Long Conger Eel [PICS]