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Fisher-dog: A Man's Best Friend [VIDEO]

This canine is just a downright awesome fisher-dog.

This video was posted by Petsami and is just another item of proof that dogs are incredible fishing buddies.

If only this dog would actually bring the fish to shore rather than letting them go.

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Dogs such as Cocker Spaniels are great companions for fishermen and so are Labs; they are well-behaved and tend to not have breakdowns on boats if trained properly. Additionally Labs can be trained to fetch things dropped in the water, and sometimes they are naturally interested in fishing themselves.

Labs do amazing in drift boats, and are known to do extremely well duck hunting. Not only are they naturally wonderful swimmers but they are obedient and will do anything to please their owner.

Do you take your dog fishing with you? 

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Fisher-dog: A Man's Best Friend [VIDEO]