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A Fish Worth $10,000? This Lucky Angler Caught One!

ABC News

A lucky Australian angler was awarded $10,000 after catching the first of 76 fish tagged as part of a tourism promotion.

The Northern Territory government is hosting a Million Dollar Fish competition to attract tourists to the Top End during the low season.

Launched by the Northern Territory's Chief Minister Adam Giles, the competition called for 76 barramundi fish to be tagged and released across fishing locations in the Top End.

One of the barramundi carries a $1 million prize tag, while the remaining 75 carry $10,000 cash prize tags.

Angler Liam Hale, an employee of Qantas, the airline company sponsoring the promotion, wasn't registered for the competition but strings were pulled.

While out fishing with his son, he almost missed out on the fish when their lines became tangled. After freeing their lines, Hale reeled the fish to the boat.

"It was covered in algae so we thought it was an old fisheries tag and when I pulled the algae off I saw Million Dollar competition written on it," he said.

After going through the verification process, Tourism NT decided there was no unfair advantage and amended the terms and conditions in order to award Hale the prize.

Since Hale, there has been one other confirmed tagged catch.

The Million Dollar Fish competition started on Oct. 1 and runs until Feb. 29, 2016.

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A Fish Worth $10,000? This Lucky Angler Caught One!