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Fish Tales: Unusual Angler Catches [PICS]

My Daily News

These aren't fish tales! Take a look at these unusual angler catches.

My Daily News

Anglers enjoy their sport for multiple reasons. I would venture to guess that the main reason would be to reel in a memorable catch. Bodies of water usually have mysteries hiding in their deep that challenge anglers to unlock.

There are some creatures that call these waters their home that are vastly unfamiliar to the average angler. It is on seldom occasions a lucky angler gets their hook in one of these mysterious-looking creatures.

These aren't your average catch of the day. Click through the slideshow to see these strange creatures.

Two fish in one

The Blaze

Cyclops fish

My Daily News

Translucent fish


Fish and finger

Digital Spy

This fish was caught in Idaho. The finger was traced back to a man who lost his fingers while wakeboarding three months prior.

Alien catch

Trend Cup 



Lancet Fish

Daily News Dig



Amazing photos of North American wildlife

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Fish Tales: Unusual Angler Catches [PICS]