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Fish Stories of Pike This Big Are out There, But This One is Real

This isn't one of those fish stories you hear at the bait shop.

In a world of Internet fishing reports, news, and rumors, fish stories sometime emerge of the one that got away. Sometimes those stories result in fish being kept with their sizes still questioned as being Photoshopped. However, this is one story of northern pike bigger than the top size of most muskies. You see, you don't see a 56-inch northern all that often.

As this fish story goes, Bob Bates, every bit of 80 years young, was fishing Lake Metionga in Ontario, Canada for Walleye. As a matter of fact, it's the same trip he's been taking for the past 35 years. However, this year, he flipped the switch. As he was trolling a 6-inch jointed Rapala in deeper water, he set hooks into a legend of a fish.

"The charts estimate that it was right around 50 pounds," Bates said in an interview. "We were using a huge net, but once my fishing partner, Roger Wood, netted it, he could hardly lift it."

Topping out at 56 inches long, this northern pike will probably be one of the largest northerns caught in North America this year.


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Fish Stories of Pike This Big Are out There, But This One is Real