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There Are Fish on Mars, Ready to Book Your Spaceflight?

A rogue alien hunter came across the biggest discovery in space: there are fish on Mars.

Did you hear about the fish they found on Mars?

No joke, the image above shows a screen grab of an actual photo taken by the Mars Rover, part of NASA's continued exploration of the Red Planet.

That's where Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily comes in, because he and other extraterrestrial enthusiasts are scouring the images and information that NASA's sharing with the public, and finding all sorts of interesting discoveries. It's just, well, we'll let you watch Waring's video he recently uploaded to YouTube.

So, uh, yeah... Who's ready to pack their rod and reel and head on over?

Photo from NASA Mars Rover, can you see the fish?

Actually, if you are gullible enough to believe this video, you're probably the type who falls for April Fools' Day jokes, too. The idea of this thing truly being a petrified fish is a stretch.

But hey, you can't rule out everything. Who knows, someday there could be an outfitter service who could book your spaceflight. Until there is, we'll have to stick to the same spots we're used to, here on our own planet.


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There Are Fish on Mars, Ready to Book Your Spaceflight?