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SKINZIT Fish Skinner Simplifies Tedious Fish Cleaning [VIDEO]

The fish skinner from Skinzit looks too good to be true.

Like something out of the future, this handheld fish skinner makes removing rib bones and skin from game fish like walleye way easier.

From SKINZIT Fish Skinner‘s YouTube channel comes this video that shows the contraption at work.

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Walleye are sometimes overlooked as species good for eating, mainly because of this difficult process. If it’s made that much easier, imagine how many more folks would be willing to target the exciting and delicious species.

Unfortunately the SKINZIT is only on preorder, but we’re betting they’ll begin successful production pretty soon. Check out for more info.

There may never be a complete replacement for a good, sharp fillet knife, but with innovations like this they’re getting a run for their money.

How long does it take you to skin and debone a walleye? Would this speed things up?

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SKINZIT Fish Skinner Simplifies Tedious Fish Cleaning [VIDEO]