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Where to Fish in Ohio: Burr Oak Lake

Burr Oak Lake
Visit Morgan County Ohio

Burr Oak Lake in southeastern Ohio offers low fishing pressure and plentiful numbers of big largemouth bass.

Located in Morgan and Athens Counties near the town of Glouster in southeast Ohio, Burr Oak Lake offers great bass fishing opportunities to anglers. The 10-horsepower limit and no wake rules make Burr Oak Lake a peaceful Ohio fishing getaway.

Lake Information

Burr Oak Lake has a surface area of 628 acres and a maximum depth of 35 feet. With over 7.8 miles of shoreline, there are plenty of fishing spots to go around. There are parking lots, restrooms, wells, and boat launching areas available to visitors.

The Ohio Division of Natural Resources (ODNR) has sunken large numbers of Christmas trees and installed other, more permanent, fishing structures as well. These can be located on the map found below.

The lake, located within a state park of the same name, is surrounded by the Wayne National Forest.

Burr Oak Lake
Ohio Division of Natural Resources


Fish Species

Species available to catch in Burr Oak Lake include largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, channel catfish, saugeye and muskellunge. Although saugeye and muskellunge may still be present in the lake, both of their respective stocking programs have been ended due to poor retention rates.

The best fishing at the lake is for largemouth bass, channel cats, and bluegill. There is also a large carp population for anglers who wish to pursue that species.

Fishing Tips

Early spring is the best time to hit Burr Oak Lake for largemouth bass. Throw any of your favorite lures from April through June and you are likely to have some great fishing action. The lake is known for having a lot of bass that are all of a good size. You don’t have to worry about only catching small bass here.

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The summer months are ideal for working topwater lures along the plentiful structure found under the lake’s surface and along the shorelines. This technique is especially effective once the sun goes down. Nighttime is also the best time to target the lake’s channel catfish population. Head to the upper portion of the lake for your best chance at success. Use common catfish baits such as chicken liver, nightcrawlers or shrimp.

The bluegill in the lake are not going to break any records, but they are plentiful and easy to catch. The same applies to the crappie population which is most successfully targeted in the spring.

Final Thoughts

Burr Oak Lake is definitely worth a visit for any Ohio angler looking to land good numbers of keeper-sized bass. The area around the lake offers some of the best scenery that Ohio has to offer and there are plenty of other outdoor activities to experience in the area as well. If you ever find yourself looking for a fishing spot in southeastern Ohio, don’t pass up Burr Oak Lake.

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Where to Fish in Ohio: Burr Oak Lake