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Fish as Much as You Want on These Minnesota Lakes

Some liberalized fishing opportunities have turned a few Minnesota lakes into all-you-can-catch fishing holes.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is responding to a lack of oxygen in certain lakes by allowing for unlimited catching and keeping of any species. Anglers can catch and keep as many fish as they want for personal use, as long as they are caught by approved means.

The idea is to make the fish available to anglers before they die off.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune shared word of the liberalized fishing measures, stating that the DNR made the decision after the early onset and extreme cold of winter, leading to a concept known as “winterkill.” When sunlight can’t reach parts of water bodies because of thick ice, the oxygen levels drop and fish suffer lethargy and risk dying before the ice breaks.

The DNR says licensed resident anglers can catch unlimited fish from 11 lakes, in any manner, except with the use of seines, hoopnets, fyke nets or explosives. Certain rough (bullheads, carp, suckers, and buffalo fish) may be sold.

Here’s are the lakes that have liberalized fishing allowances: Pelican; Otter/Campbell; Long; Hoff; High Island; Gilbert; Duck; Dora; Cynthia, Big Wolf; and Arvilla.

How many fish would you try to catch in a day if there was no limit? 

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Fish as Much as You Want on These Minnesota Lakes