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This Fish-On Lights Display will get you in the Holiday Spirit

This light display will get you in the holiday spirit... Fish on!

It's the most wonderful time of the year. The season of rain has come. Hold out your hand.

Winter steelhead anglers are rejoicing that their favorite rivers are opening. Rivers are rising. You're clicking refresh on the NOAA/USGS graphs, watching the water rise. It's time. But it's also time for family, rejoicing the reasons for the season, and feeling the holiday spirit.

Between cleaning the leaves out of your drift boat, checking your rigging, tying leaders, cutting yarnies, curing eggs, painting beads, and organizing tackle, don't forget to take a moment to reflect on another year passing, and being grateful for what we have.

This particular light display in Kokomo, Indiana at We Care Park, shows the obsession of every angler with only one thing on their mind: a fish on the end of their line. We're just happy that somewhere in this guy's garage there's a corner set aside for these lights instead of just more of his fishing tackle, and for that, we thank you.

Merry Christmas, and happy holidays.

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This Fish-On Lights Display will get you in the Holiday Spirit