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Fish Lift in Australia Saving Native Species [PICS]

Pictures via Cosmos Magazine

A mechanical fish lift on the Tallowa Dam in New South Wales is literally carrying native species over the top of the structure.

Since their introduction, dams have long been known as a double-edged sword.

While they save water for humans in drought conditions, they affect fish and other native species from migration causing an ecological nightmare.

The Tallowa Dam fish lift is changing all that.


Being that 96 percent of the nearby Shoalhaven River fish species are migratory, including the famed Australian bass, falling down a dam is one thing- getting back up is quite another.


Only 23 years after the dam was built, 10 different species that migrate the Shoalhaven River to breed or spawn have disappeared.

In 2009, the Sydney Catchment Authority started construction on a fish lift to trolley 2,500 liters of water and fish up the dam like an elevator.

Once at full capacity, the lift will catch and release fish at a rate of 20 times a day, moving the different species over the dam and upstream.

Scientists hope that these great lengths will revive some of the threatened species and improve overall fish diversity in the Shoalhaven River for years to come.

Pictures via Cosmos Magazine

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Fish Lift in Australia Saving Native Species [PICS]