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Is Fish Leather the Future in Fashion?

fish leather
Sea Leather Wear

Could leather made from fish skin replace other hide trimming on clothing?

While most of us who fish don’t ever think twice about the skin we trim off of our catch for the day, could it be used for something more? A company called Rose & Willard thinks so when it launched a new clothing line using fish leather.

Rose & Willard thinks this could be the future of a more sustainable clothing enterprise. The fish skin they use is a byproduct of processed fish used for the food industry. Although this isn’t a new concept, it really hasn’t been looked into on a global scale.

Most fish leather products today are used in wallets and other small items. Rose & Willard’s new clothing line will focus more on using the leather for unique trims to differentiate their products.

Rose & Willard

The main fish species they are testing for use right now are salmon and perch. A normal salmon skin is only 60-65 centimeters long and 10-14 centimeters at its widest point and can’t be sewn together due to irregularities in the skins. Therefore, any large items made from fish leather are out of the question for now.

The one question on everyone’s mind is does it smell like fish? The answer is, not really.

Rehman, one of the designers, said, There is a scent at first if you hold it very close to you nose, it doesn’t smell like fish, but it does kind of remind you of the sea. But it’s more gritty, earthy, rustic.”

Using fish leather has other benefits as well. Unlike cow’s hide that must be dry-cleaned, fish leather is hand-washable in water.

Is fish leather the new fashion of the future?

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Is Fish Leather the Future in Fashion?