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Fish-Hunting Osprey Struggles Against Getting Pulled Underwater

A young osprey swoops in on a large trout and grabs hold, only to be threatened with getting pulled underwater by the size of the fish.

A young male osprey attacks a large trout lying at the surface of the water. He sinks his talons into the fish and attempts to lift off, but is stymied by the weight of the trout. His attempt to fly away is thwarted by the big fish’s attempt to swim down and away, and there is a stand-off.

For a moment it looks as though the bird is going to lose the battle and get pulled under. Narrator Ewan McGregor says that, “There are tales of weak and hungry ospreys being dragged to the bottom.”

It’s give and take, hawk against fish, predator vs. prey.

But in this beautiful slow motion footage, the osprey finally overcomes the equal weight of the large fish and is able to lift off. His wings provide him with enough lift and force to counteract the fighting fish.

“This is a struggle he’s destined to win,” says McGregor.

This is an excerpt from the forthcoming BBC film series “Highlands: Scotland’s Wild Heart”, a four part series exploring nature in the Scottish Highlands. Ewan McGregor narrates the series, and has a connection to the Highlands. According to his mother, Carol McGregor, the region was a place where the McGregors spent many holidays during Ewan’s childhood.

“I have always loved the Highlands and had many great family holidays in summer, camping, and in winter, skiing,” says Carol McGregor. “It will be lovely to hear Ewan narrating this new series on the Highlands.

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Fish-Hunting Osprey Struggles Against Getting Pulled Underwater