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Fish Gets the Han Solo Freeze Treatment [VIDEO]

fish freeze

You’ve heard of a fish fry. This is a fish freeze.

Using a very similar process to fish frying, this living fish experiences the opposite effect. It is dipped in an extremely cold liquid of some sort to cryogenically flash-freeze it.

It’s like something out of a future age. A technology that should only exist in a galaxy far, far away.

You won’t believe your eyes what happens next.

Mind blown? Like Han Solo, this fish eases back into the world of the living with seemingly no problems, swimming alongside its experimental buddy again.

Would this treatment still be effective if you were to freeze the fish for longer time periods? Who knows – it might get freezer burn. But either way, this fish seems more hard core and resilient than a human would be in such a scientific experiment.

People and larger animals are still unable to be reversed from cryogenic freezing using today’s technology. So we’re probably a long way off from human trials.

But either way, it’s definitely a new and unique way to freeze your fish for later consumption, don’t you think?

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Fish Gets the Han Solo Freeze Treatment [VIDEO]