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Fish Farming Outgrows Commercial Fishing [VIDEO]

sockeye salmon

For the first time in history, more food is being produced from fish farms than the open sea. Fish markets and their consumption are growing faster than pork, beef, poultry, or any other industry.

“As wealth grows in developing regions, fish and seafood are becoming more affordable,” said Anastasia Alieva, head of fresh food research at Euromonitor. “Fish and seafood are perceived as a healthier source of protein than meat in many countries,” especially where obesity is a concern, she said.

By 2030, it’s predicted we will, as a people, consume more fish than the world’s seas can produce. Fish farms aren’t necessarily the answer, but will help meet the demand in this new industry known as aquaculture.

Salmon have become extremely popular through fish farming; their wild demand can’t keep up and are becoming much more desired as fishing this way makes them more affordable.

“We can expect that large companies active in commodities, animal proteins, and life sciences will be considering this industry and how they can play a role in the growth of what some call the Blue Revolution, the growth of marine farming of food and feed.” said Gorjan Nikolik, a Rabobank International seafood-industry analyst.

It’s certainly a growing industry and there are opportunities that will be capitalized on by many large companies. Cargill Inc., the world’s largest grain trader and a meat supplier, just spent $1.5 billion to acquire EWOS holdings. This is a Norwegian salmon-feed company that gets Cargill’s foot in the door.

More and more companies will certainly join the parade as time passes and demands continually climb.

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Fish Farming Outgrows Commercial Fishing [VIDEO]