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Did These Fish Fall From the Sky? [VIDEO]

Have you ever seen hundreds of fish scattered across a country road that’s not near any visible body of water?

No? Before watching this video, we hadn’t either. This footage recently posted to YouTube shows hundreds of carp inexplicably strewn across a roadside somewhere in Poland. A passenger riding in the backseat of a car captured the bizarre scene on his phone’s camera. He, the other passengers and the blaring radio DJ sound like they’re speaking in Polish. Check it out.

The fish most likely came from the truck parked on the road’s shoulder. I don’t speak or understand Polish, so if you know what’s being said or going on in this video, I‘d love to know. Also, if you have any more info about this story, please drop us a line.

RELATED: Speaking of fish trucks, California has started to truck thousands of salmon  from hatcheries to the Pacific Ocean. 

While it sounds totally crazy, there have been documented cases of fish falling from the sky. Back in 2010, residents of Lajamanu, Australia watched hundreds of fish fall from the sky. Local meteorologists believe that a tornado sent the fish airborne.

Do you know what’s being said in this video? Let us know in the comments section. 

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Did These Fish Fall From the Sky? [VIDEO]