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This Fish Deboning Machine is Pure Genius [VIDEO]

The Pinbone Wizard leaves any other fish deboning machine firmly behind.

The Pinbone Wizard, named after the seminal rock song Pinball Wizard, is a box device that can remove the pin bones from a salmon fillet without damaging the meat.

The device was in development for more than 20 years at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF), but now it's ready for the market. A manufacturer in Juneau recently bought the patent rights, and now they are gearing up for mass production, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

Here's how it works: The box machine has a series of disks that protrude from an opening in top to grab the bones and pull them out at a 90-degree angle. The disks then release the bones, and a stream of water pushes them out of the machine.

Check out this video of an earlier version of the Pinbone Wizard at work uploaded to YouTube by the UAF Geophysical Institute

The Pinbone Wizard essentially does what a human would do with a pair of tweezers, only it does it a lot faster and keeps the fillet intact.

While it's a handy device, the Pinbone Wizard isn't really suited for casual anglers. The latest prototype weighs nearly 100 pounds, which is the lightest version yet. And the developer, Greg Shipman, said it could cost anywhere from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Do you think this contraption will make an impact on the salmon industry, or is it better suited for smaller and localized operations?


Featured image via Melissa Hart/UAF Geophysical Institute

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This Fish Deboning Machine is Pure Genius [VIDEO]