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Would a Fish Call Really Work? [VIDEO]

fish call

You can find different types of calls for many game animals. Have you ever heard of a fish call?

Every year, wild game call companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars designing and perfecting the process of drawing in various animals. These calls give hunters an edge for luring out their game of choice.

Anglers might now get the same advantage with the Fish Call.

Sixteen-year-old Jack Danos developed the Fish Call with the help of his father. The 3D printed electronic device floats on top of the water and emits the natural noises and vibrations bait fish make while swimming. This attracts larger fish to the area.

If this device works as well as the video demonstrates, the Fish Call will be a game changer for both saltwater and freshwater fishermen everywhere. This is a brilliant idea, and it seems to work with just about any species of fish.

The Fish Call isn't currently available for purchase, but you can back their KickStarter campaign. They only needed to raise $10,000 and easily surpassed that amount. They have already collected over $40,000, with nearly a month left in their campaign.

They expect to make the first calls, from pre-orders, available sometime this December.

What do you think? Is this a plausible way to help you attract and catch more fish?

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Would a Fish Call Really Work? [VIDEO]