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Which Fish Was the Biggest Challenge of Jeremy Wade’s Career?

When Jeremy Wade talks about the fish that gave him the biggest challenge, it’s probably worth a listen.

Jeremy Wade is more than just a celebrity fishing host. He could be considered one of the greatest overall fishermen to ever live. He chases giant fish all over the world and does so in the name of science and discovery. If you have ever caught his show “River Monsters”, then you know what I mean. However, out of all of his accolades, you may never guess what fish gave him his biggest challenge.

Here, see for yourself. If you have ever chased muskies and stuck it out, this video will make you feel very good about yourself.

For this challenge, you would only have to look in our own backyard. The almighty muskie gave Wade the fits so much so that he actually second guessed his ability as a fisherman in pursuit of it.

When muskie fishing, it can be awfully easy to go days without seeing a fish. As Wade said, losing the belief that you are actually going to catch a fish is a very real thing. Then, just as you saw, these stupid fish also tend to always hit when you least expect it.

Out of all the fish that Jeremy Wade has caught, to hear him say that catching a muskie is probably one of his biggest accomplishments, really puts a feather in the cap of us fisherman that chase them right here in the good ol’ USA.

Congrats Mr. Wade on a great fish. Hopefully next time, it comes a little easier.


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Which Fish Was the Biggest Challenge of Jeremy Wade’s Career?