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How to Fish for Autumn Bass in Shallow Water

When the leaves are falling, it’s hunting season alright – bass hunting season! Here’s what you can do to put some big bass in the boat this autumn.

Gene “Flukemaster” Jensen shares his techniques for catching fall bass on big lakes with feeder creeks.

Jensen goes through his fall bass fishing process from start to finish while on a large manmade lake straddling the South Carolina/Georgia state line. He proves the effectiveness of his approach by catching a dandy largemouth at the close of the video.

Let’s do a quick review of his major points.

Locate on your electronics or a topo map the creek arms feeding into the lake. Pick one, preferably a major creek, and head to the back of it where the water is shallow, even super shallow at one to two feet deep.

Scan the environment and start looking for signs of activity and baitfish. Signs might, for example, include feeding herons or swirls from baitfish.

Then, Jensen says, “Just go fishing.” Tie on a spinnerbait or shallow runner and start fan casting. You’ll want to bump every piece of cover that you can. You’re looking to “get a reaction” and kick up balls of baitfish.

Also, switch up your lures. If you’re getting short or light hits, then change it up. You’re looking for something the bass will hit hard.

Mentally map out a grid pattern to cover the entire shallow flat. Because you’ll be fishing in super shallow water, your goal is to methodically hit every piece of water on the flat.

Look around while you’re fishing. Feel your lure, but don’t necessarily watch it visually. Concentrate your attention on signs of activity over the entire flat.

Pay attention to what the water’s been doing over the last few days by calling the dam office or checking other local reports that may be available. The dam telephone number or website may provide daily recordings or reports on water levels and other valuable information. Use this information in conjunction with your knowledge of cover that may be submerged or exposed depending on water levels.

Pay particular attention to shallow water closer to the creek channel. And finally, adjust your lures selection to how the fish are hitting.

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How to Fish for Autumn Bass in Shallow Water