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When Fish Attack Back: A Fish Flop Compilation [VIDEO]

These fish attacks will have you cringing and laughing at the same time.

When the guys from “Chew On This” hit the water, the action is sure to be intense.

Check out this compilation of fish attacks to see what we mean.


When you go grizzly bear hunting or gator fishing you may expect some danger, but who ever heard of being attacked by a goliath grouper?

The “Chew on This” crew is led by Captain Ben Chancey. They love nothing more than hitting the waters off the coast of Florida and catching some the world’s largest saltwater fish.

Over the years they have caught, “Goliath grouper up to 700 pounds, hammerhead sharks over 13 feet long, 40-inch snook and many other huge saltwater species.”

Visit the Chew on This Charters website to book a trip of your own with Chancey and the crew. Just watch out for fish attacks.

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When Fish Attack Back: A Fish Flop Compilation [VIDEO]