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Fish Allure: Ditch the Sprays and Join the Future with Scented Bait Tabs


Fish Allure is the break through fishing scent applicator that will change the way you fish.

Whether we are fishing tournaments or trying to out do our buddies we are looking to find that one thing that will give us that upper hand. Fish Allure is a new product that might just be your game changer to hook bigger fish, faster. 

Fish Allure is a fresh take on traditional fish attractants that we have all used. Instead of a spray or gel it utilizes a special "sticker" that can be placed on any hard surface to release scents into the water.

The difference is Fish Allure time releases over a continuous 60 minutes. It has also been scientifically proven to work at a molecular level to exceed a fish's scent threshold and cause them to strike out at the source.

I recently spoke to FLW co-angler angler Mike McCoy about Fish Allure and what it can offer anglers.

Mike became involved with Fish Allure after discovering they were making it in his hometown of Mentor, OH. After having them as a sponsor for about a year they offered him a full time position to help develop, promote, and sell their new product.

How is Fish Allure different from other fish attractants on the market?

Most misconceptions about scent is if you can feel it on the bait, it's still there. In actuality, the amino acids that attract the fish are long gone after the first or second cast.

We're not a gel, spray, goop, or whatever. We are a tab or sticker that you can put on the hard surface of a lure. It's water activated, lasts up to 60 minutes, doesn't wash off, and really stays with the bait without affecting its performance. 

What kinds of lures can you use it on? Crankbaits, spinning lures, or what?

If you have a hard, flat surface you can put it on there. The tabs can even be cut to fit smaller areas without affecting the tab's performance.

 It works with crank baits, the blades of spinners or chatter baits, rattle traps, poppers, some jig heads, and more.

So I guess worms or other soft baits are out?

It won't stick to a soft plastic bait, it wasn't meant to. It will stick to some tungsten or lead weights though for a drop shot or Carolina rig. There is a trick to it though as sometimes the fish attack the weight instead of the lure.

If that happens and you miss the hook set just let it fall back to the bottom. The scent will draw them back for another strike and chance to hook into them.

fish allure

Besides bass fishing, what other species of fish will this work on?

We have 11 amino acids that we coat into the tab that satisfy the majority of game fish in both fresh and saltwater. These include bass, walleye, pike, musky, snook, grouper, and many more.

What kind of success have you personally had using the tabs in tournaments?

Knowing the proven science behind Fish Allure and being a big scent person already it was a real confidence booster. It's all about those competitive edges and doing something different, especially in tournaments. Fish Allure is that little different and it works.

I fished it all last year and have found some of the best applications for it are on top water. I also used it on spinner baits, crank baits, and any other other lure with a hard, flat surface I could get in on.

fish allure

Fish Allure retails for around $7.99 for a package of 20 tabs. They are currently available in 10 different scents: Shad, crawfish, garlic, crawfish/garlic, crab/shrimp, blueback herring, menhaden, panfish formula, saltwater formula, and bunker.

It is available through a number of online retailers and stores, including Amazon, Tackle Warehouse, Wades Trades, Mobile Bait Store, and Tackle Experts.

Along with the basic tabs that are available now they have a few new versions coming out soon as well. Be on the lookout for the first of them with the "Bleeding Gill" series that feature the tabs as red bleeding fish gills you can stick to your lures. They also have a musky and salmon formula in the works as well.

Check out Fish Allure's website for more information or follow on Facebook and Twitter.


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Fish Allure: Ditch the Sprays and Join the Future with Scented Bait Tabs