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Was This the First Successful Crossbow Helicopter Hog Hunt?

Apparently, A Crossbow Helicopter Hog Hunt Is Actually A Thing

These guys were on a mission to complete the first successful crossbow helicopter hog hunt ever. As you can see, the hogs had a really bad day.

Though helicopter hog hunting is a well established form of hog control in Texas, most hunters use shotguns or some sort of semi-automatic rifle and, to the best of my knowledge, nobody had ever successfully completed a crossbow helicopter hog hunt before.

Well, Matt Busbice, the President of Synergy Outdoors, decided to change that. Synergy Outdoors owns Barnett Crossbows, which is widely regarded as one of the best crossbow brands currently available on the market, and he wanted to show off their performance during a crossbow helicopter hog hunt.

Check out the video to see how it all went down.

Remember: this is not supposed to be fair chase hunting. Farmers and ranchers in Texas are having a really tough time with the state’s exploding feral hog population, so hunts like this one are for pest control, plain and simple. These guys are also recovering all hog carcasses and fully utilizing all of the meat from hogs that they shoot.

As you can see, the crossbow did pretty darn well and I’ll admit that their crossbow helicopter hog hunt went better than I thought it would. Though crossbows certainly have their limitations, this video clearly demonstrates that a skilled marksman can really do a lot with one.

Nice work guys! Enjoy all that bacon!

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Was This the First Successful Crossbow Helicopter Hog Hunt?