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Proliferous First Spring Goose-Hunting Season in Alberta

Edmonton Sun

The province of Alberta will announce a spring hunting season for geese, permitting bird hunters to kill up to 50 snow geese a day.

Bird hunters will be in for a treat this year after an overabundance of the snow geese has prompted a spring hunting season, according to reports.

During the winter months the geese fly toward Texas and Mexico before returning to nest on the Arctic tundra every spring. However, according to Duncan MacDonnell, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development spokesperson the high number of birds is causing issues.

Their numbers are so high that they’re damaging the ecology of their breeding habitat. By allowing greater hunts here, you’re reducing the number that are damaging the nesting areas where they lay their eggs.

In the United States and Canada, there has been a high number of snow geese for a number of years, which has promoted the province to permit hunts for the birds every fall.

In most cases, during the spring hunters will travel to Saskatchewan or Manitoba to hunt the birds, but now they won’t have to.

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Proliferous First Spring Goose-Hunting Season in Alberta