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First Picture of Albino Tapir Ever Recorded [PICS]

National Geographic

An albino tapir was recently caught on camera for the first time ever.

The albino tapir has long been a local legend in Brazil. The white creature was said to roam the dark rainforest, but was never photographed...until now.

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Photographer Luciano Candisani captured the image on a camera trap after failing to find the albino tapir in person.

albino tapir
National Geographic


According to National Geographic,

"My heart skipped a beat when, while reviewing the photos from one night, the white tapir suddenly appeared in one of the frames," Candisani said.

The population of the wild tapir is on the decline and the creatures are very elusive. Candisani was very lucky to capture such an incredible image for the first time ever.

Tapirs grow to about the size of a large goat and typically ventures out at night to search for fruits, plants and other vegetation. It hides and rests during the day, proving the significance of the image that was finally captured, and the excitement held by Candisani.

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First Picture of Albino Tapir Ever Recorded [PICS]