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First Look: YETI Soft-Sided Cooler, The Hopper [PICS]

Check out the new YETI soft-sided cooler known as the Hopper.

Anglers, hunters, campers and just about anyone else who needs a cooler knows that when it comes to quality, YETI is where it’s at.

Now they’re adding to their fantastic collection of products with the Hopper, the company’s first dive into the soft-sided cooler market.


The 5.2-gallon cooler is sealed with a waterproof drysuit zipper and includes closed-cell foam providing one and a half inches of impressive insulation.

It’s touted as leak-proof and though the ice retention figures have yet to be publicized, we’re betting it will be in line with YETI’s other industry-leading coolers.


While other YETI products are super effective, there’s always been a bit of an issue with portability. The Hopper will likely change that, and provide a good addition to any outdoor arsenal. Toss it in the bottom of a canoe, hang it over your shoulder for a hike, or carry it into your hunting property; the possibilities this new product opens up are vast.
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The Hopper is available as of October 1, and it costs $299. If our guesses are correct, you’ll need to get in line to buy one, because these bad boys should sell like wildfire.

Hat tip to for the scoop.

Images via YETI

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First Look: YETI Soft-Sided Cooler, The Hopper [PICS]