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First Look at the Canik TP9-SF [VIDEO]

Presenting the decocker-less version of the TP9.

When Century Arms started importing the Canik TP9SA I wanted to get my hands on one. When I finally did, I found that I really liked all the features the gun had; the grip angle, how the grip felt in my hand, the magazine release. And yes, I even liked the decocker feature. Now, granted, a decocking mechanism makes better sense on a double action pistol if you are going to use it for a carry gun, but it depends on the desired use of the pistol.

Tim from the Military Arms Channel gives us a first look at the newest version of the TP9 direct from Canik, the TP9-SF.

This version of the TP9 makes for a better carry option since it comes without the decock mechanism that was on the TP9-SA.

According to Tim, Century Arms hopes to start importing this pistol by next year. They are in the process of getting all the approvals.

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First Look at the Canik TP9-SF [VIDEO]