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First Glimpse: New Badlands Approach Disappearing Camo

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If you're looking to disappear this hunting season, Badlands Approach camo will help do the trick.

Over the last five years, the crew at Badlands has been working overtime to develop a new type of camouflage pattern that is literally designed to make you disappear against different backdrops and landscapes.

Get a first glimpse of the new Badlands Approach that is planned on being released to the hunting market this year.

We all know just how difficult it is to find one camouflage pattern that will successfully work in a variety of landscapes and seasons. Unlike traditional camouflage patterns that use nature based images like leaves and branches to conceal your image, this new line uses layers, unique shapes and a variety of colors to constantly keep yourself hidden.

badlands approach, badlands packs

The extreme light and dark colors displayed in this pattern can be explained by something Badlands likes to call "color-shift technology". In bright conditions, the lighter colors and patterns will standout more and in low light conditions, the darker colors will be accentuated to help minimize your shape and outline. This is something that traditional patterns have a tough time achieving due to their image based colors and designs.

Having the ability to own one camouflage pattern that works across a magnitude of terrains and seasons will be a game changer for hunters around the globe and will challenge traditional patterns to produce new designs at this level.


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First Glimpse: New Badlands Approach Disappearing Camo