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First Fish Girl Catches Causes Her to Break Down Sobbing

Daily Mail

See this girl’s emotional reaction to her first sunfish.

Who would’ve thought that a young angler’s first fish would elicit nearly hysterical crying?

Catching a first fish is a memorable experience for most young anglers. More often than not the event is attended by big smiles and multiple exclamations of joy and congratulations.

That same response took place when this young fisherwoman caught her first tiny sunfish. For a few seconds at least.

What began with smiles and happiness as she held up her little finny “Nemo” quickly turned to shock, horror and crying sadness as she realized that the small panfish slowly twisting at the end of her line had expired.

As the young gal urgently begs for help in getting the little fish back into the water, her sorrow grows. “Give him the bait! Give him the bait!” she pleads, obviously thinking a little nutrition might help the fish to revive.

When her fishing instructor (friend or relative?) unhooks the sunfish and releases it into the water, its small body simply floats on the surface. This causes Kaylee even more torment.

“He rolled over backwards!” she manages through her anguished sobs.

She finally takes matters into her own hands and attempts a heroic resuscitation. Removing her sandals and stepping into the lake she splashes more water onto the small floating corpse in order to revive it. But alas, it is to no avail, and Kaylee resigns herself to heart-broken sobbing.

I have to admit, on the one hand this is indeed funny. It seems ludicrous to experienced anglers or outdoorsmen that the loss of a stunted bluegill would be cause for even a second thought, let alone a dramatic breakdown.

On the other hand, my heart goes out to this young person, who obviously has had no experience whatsoever with fishing. I hate to think that her first experience with this great pastime and sport was so emotionally distressing and negative.

Hang in there, Kaylee! Please don’t give up on fishing. Still, it is pretty funny.

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First Fish Girl Catches Causes Her to Break Down Sobbing