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What Was the First Firearm You Ever Shot? [VIDEO]

We have our own motives for becoming interested in firearms. No matter your purpose,  you probably remember the very first firearm you handled and shot.

I come from a hunting family, so, needless to say, the first gun I ever shot was a hunting gun. At age six, my father handed me a Winchester Model 37 single shot 16-gauge shotgun. That unpleasant experience left me with a flinch it took me 10 years to get rid of!

But that curious old shotgun is still in my collection. Not only that, but the Model 37 has been my consistent companion, whether deer hunting, bird hunting or clearing trails in the offseason.

Here is a video of me and my old friend at the range for a workout.

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There is little that is special about a single barrel shotgun, unless, of course, it's a gun you first cut your teeth on. While I was too young to handle the 16-gauge punch, it did teach me to never put a powerful gun into a new shooter's hands. That would be the most important rule in regard to getting into shooting before you head to the range and train in safety and form.

While my introduction to the Model 37 was not polite, it has really grown on me throughout the years.

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What Was the First Firearm You Ever Shot? [VIDEO]