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First-Ever Turkey Load Patterning App from Winchester

Pattern your turkey shotgun online with the first ever app to bring real shot data from the range to your smart phone.

Patterning your shotgun for turkey season is extremely important. Knowing your effective range for these big birds means the difference between bringing one home or chasing the turkey through the woods.

Turkey ammo patterns vary with each choice you make; gauge, choke, brand and distance are all factors. Changing any one of these elements means time spent at the range, burning through expensive ammo.

The new Winchester Pattern Board brings the range to you. The first app of its kind allows you to change the elements of your set up to see the most effective way to get the pattern you need.

Winchester took to the field with their factory guns and factory ammo, pulling the trigger over 3,000 times to produce the patterns for this app. In other words, these are not simulations.



Choosing a new ammo or new choke without the ability to see results first could be a costly mistake. With the pattern app, just a few clicks will bring you the data to make the best decision possible, with side-by-side comparison of other Winchester ammo. The app even gives you a count of how many shots end up in each ring.



Even though these patterns are based off of Winchester guns, they can still help you select the ammunition that will work for your hunting situation.

Give the app a try here. The Winchester Pattern Board is Internet-based and free for use with any device.

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First-Ever Turkey Load Patterning App from Winchester