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What’s It Like Days Before Your First Bassmaster Classic? [VIDEO]

Josh Bertrand will compete in his first Bassmaster Classic this weekend.

Lucky for us, we’re able to take a peek inside Bertrand’s head as he anticipates and prepares for the biggest fishing event of his life. Thanks to a YouTube interview from RigidIndustriesMedia, Bertrand opens up about his childhood dream of reaching “the pinnacle of the sport.”

The Bassmaster Classic will be held February 21-23, 2014 on Lake Guntersville, Alabama.

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Gear, mindset, skills and determination… judging by the video, it sounds like Bertrand has everything it takes to compete. Winning the tournament would admittedly be a career changer, and Bertrand, as well as the rest of the rookies, know none of their kind has ever won at their first Bassmaster Classic.

Nonetheless, Bertrand’s first Bassmaster Classic is likely to be one he’ll never forget.

Check out the video, and stick around for more Wide Open Spaces leading up to the Bassmaster Classic tournament.

What advice do you think Bertrand is getting from his experienced competitors? Or is it every man for himself at the Bassmaster Classic?

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What’s It Like Days Before Your First Bassmaster Classic? [VIDEO]