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Firing One Massive .45/70 Revolver with Jerry Miculek [VIDEO]

Jerry Miculek gets to play with all the big guns. Including this .45/70 revolver.

This giant .45/70 revolver is just hard to believe.

Watch as this beast takes out watermelons and packs quite a wallop too.

Jerry Miculek fires one amazing super-sized .45/70 caliber revolver.

This Century Arms .45/70 revolver fires a buffalo-sized cartridge that hits at both ends like a sledge hammer. Does it have enough power? Yes, it does.

Well, this big six-shot revolver is ready to take on buffalo, bear or moose. Not much can stand up to the mighty .45/70.

If you are looking for something different then this revolver is for you. Start local earthquakes and rattle the fillings out of the other gun range users’ teeth.

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Firing One Massive .45/70 Revolver with Jerry Miculek [VIDEO]