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Firing the Odd Masterpiece Arms 5.7x28mm Pistol [VIDEO]

Ever see a Masterpiece Arms 5.7x28mm Pistol?

This personal defense caliber pistol can sure hammer out rounds quick.

Watch this video of this little beast unleashed on the gun range. You may just fall in love with her.

While many are fans and many are not of the Mac style of semi-automatic pistols this one has a lot to offer.

The Masterpiece Arms 5.7x28mm Pistol fires a hot little number that with the correct ammunition can penetrate quite far into the target. Another plus is that the recoil is extremely light. This means very quick follow up shots are on target. Less recoil means less shooter fatigue for smaller stature users.

Ammunition weight is a very light when it comes to packing for this pistol.

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Firing the Odd Masterpiece Arms 5.7x28mm Pistol [VIDEO]