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Firing the .700 Nitro Express is Nothing to Scoff At [VIDEO]

Think your 12-gauge slug gun kicks like a mule? Why not try a .700 Nitro Express double rifle instead?

The .700 Nitro Express comes in at a price of $125 a shot, and has a big bore punch on both ends of the gun.

This tough guy mans up and shoots this behemoth .700 Nitro Express double rifle. The recoil does break his shooting stance, but considering he’s shooting a heavy recoiling rifle that can put down a charging elephant with one shot, his technique is quite impressive.

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You can tell his anticipation is mixed with a little apprehension as he prepares for the shot. Can you blame him?

I’m not nearly as big as this guy, which means I’ll probably be staying away from any .700 Nitro Express shot opportunities. Would you shoot it?

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Firing the .700 Nitro Express is Nothing to Scoff At [VIDEO]