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Firing the .45 Schofield Revolver is a Real Kick [VIDEO]

The Smith & Wesson Schofield revolver is quite an interesting vintage-style handgun.

With its quick loading top break action and powerful .45 Long Colt cartridge, the Smith & Wesson Schofield revolver has a lot to offer.

Watch as hickok45 shows off the merits of this revolver on his range.

Designed in 1875, this big revolver has a lot of history. It served with the U.S. Army until 1878.

The Smith & Wesson Schofield revolver has a quick loading and unloading top break action. With practice, it can be one of the quickest revolver actions available. A bullet from this .45 will put down anything you would ever care to fire a pistol at.

The S&W .45 Schofield revolver can still hold its own.

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Firing the .45 Schofield Revolver is a Real Kick [VIDEO]