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FireCord Heats Up the Survival Bracelet Concept

FireCord brings new uses to the paracord bracelet.

Paracord bracelets and accessories are all the rage among outdoorsmen and survivalists, but they don’t often help with making a fire,  one thing that can often make the difference between life and death.

FireCord seeks to fill that niche with its product, a 550 paracord containing a material that erupts in flames when struck with sparks.

The product was introduced to KickStarter in March 2014, and quickly fired up consumers. In less than 24 hours, FireCord reached its goal of $7,500, eventually closing out with over $40,000.

FireCord can be used in every application as normal paracord – as a key fob, knife handle or bracelet for everyday carry. When it’s time to create a fire, you simply cut the cord, remove the inner material and separate the fibers to create tinder.

Tests have shown it catches a spark much easier than natural or homemade tinder, and supports a flame for a much longer time. This could give you valuable time to add additional tinder and kindling to allow a lifesaving campfire to grow.

Survivalists can also leave the flammable material inside the outer coating and light an exposed end to create a makeshift candle that will burn slowly and provide lighting in an emergency. As an added bonus, the firecord is waterproof and is entirely made in America.

The only potentially prohibitive feature is the price, with 25 feet of FireCord costing over $12. But if you’re lost in the woods in winter, with nothing to light a fire with, this ingenious product may prove it’s worth every penny.



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FireCord Heats Up the Survival Bracelet Concept