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How to Start a Fire with a Flintlock Rifle [VIDEO]

Did you know you can start a fire with a flintlock rifle?

Flintlock firearms might be outmoded in the 21st Century but can do things your AR cannot.

Getting lost in a remote location is bad enough. Having to make it through the night without fire starting equipment is a nightmare. But if you are out and about with a flintlock firearm, fear naught, you have a means to stay warm.

Here is how you do it:

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How It Works

The concept of using flintlocks to light fire is not new. Dedicated flintlock firearms without a barrel were used as the first lighters, and the concept of striking flint against steel to make a shower of sparks is ancient.

All you must do is unload your weapon, find the driest material you can find, jam it into the pan, close the frizzen over the pan, cock the hammer, and pull the trigger. You can add a bit of gun powder on top of the tinder to encourage the ignition process further.

Final Thoughts

Flintlock firearms might have become obsolescent some 150 years ago, but they continue to bring in scores of game and win target matches. It’s a nostalgic but effective way of harvesting meat and when the chips are down, it makes a great fire starter too.

All the more reason to go primitive for hunting season.

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How to Start a Fire with a Flintlock Rifle [VIDEO]