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Fire Thong: Primitive Method Makes Fire in Under 2 Minutes

Add another method to you fire making skills arsenal with the fire thong technique. You may be surprised at how quick and easy it is.

The increased interest in bushcraft and survival skills has more outdoors men and women learning how to start fires with methods that only Boy Scouts and Fur Trade reenactors seemed to know a decade or two ago. Practically every other person who carries a pocket knife these days also has a ferro rod around his neck.

The fire thong, however, is an effective and time tested fire making method that may be a new one to even many skilled bushcrafters. Watch how smoothly and quickly this man creates an ember from which he sparks a tinder bundle.

It may be challenging to discern the specific character of each of the components he uses to create an ember. Below is another, far more detailed and explanatory video on constructing and using a fire thong.

This film, from the Maine Primitive Skills School, presents the method a bit more fastidiously than the video of the gentleman above. But once you master the technique, no doubt you too can create an ember and make fire with the same cool indifference as our hero in the first piece.

Finally, we present a brief but detailed article by Dino Labiste which itself contains links to three additional videos on fire thong technique.

Lambaste, linked here, explores various woods, dimensions and component forms of the fire thong method, which are of interest to those who perhaps enjoy knowing a little more than may be needed to simply do the job. I’m in that group of people myself.

Fire thong 5

It never hurts to be fluent in several different methods of making fire. If you’re someone who is into bushcraft or wilderness survival skills, consider adding the fire thong to your fire pouch of tricks, so to speak.

Oh, and be sure to always carry matches and/or a lighter as well.



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Fire Thong: Primitive Method Makes Fire in Under 2 Minutes