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Fire and Movement Dual Shooting Drill Raises Interesting Questions

A fire and movement drill with two armed men tries to lay down enough fire to suppress enemy fire.

This two-headed drill pits trained police or soldiers against an unseen enemy that could possibly fire at them.

The question raised is what kind of situation would this action work in reality? What if there were multiple shooters they were going up against? Could they lay down enough fire and for long enough to get close enough to an enemy to disarm them?

This is what the drill looks like.

This drill is probably mean to suppress the action of not much more than a single active shooter and by personnel armed with sidearms or other semi-automatic weaponry.

Any shooter or shooters with fully automatic weapons would certainly have an advantage and then any personnel walking straight into the fire would be in serious trouble.

There’s always a reason to train and drill like this for any situation that could arise. Cheers to those in the world that train for dire situations like these and here’s hoping that a drill like this stays that way: just a drill!



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Fire and Movement Dual Shooting Drill Raises Interesting Questions